Tropicals with Mounts Botanical Garden

This week I taught a class to the Mount Botanical Master Gardener Monthly Meeting. We went over the basics of tropical flower arranging. I asked everyone to bring in items from their gardens including foliage, secondary flowers, and a primary flower choice.

Not knowing what everyone would bring, I brought foliage from outside and purchased a tropical bouquet from Whole Foods to show them that a little bit of money can go a long way when you are filling your arrangement with your own plants. Plus, as anyone who has a garden knows there is always pruning to be done, so why not put it to good use? I brought ginger, birds of paradise, gypsy orchids, a couple of pincushions and ti leaves.  

First, I showed them how to fold and tie the ti leaves using floral wire. It's a great trip to add body to an arrangement. Then, I used the floral foam to anchor the top-heavy ginger and birds of paradise as the main focal points, while accenting their height with the pincushions. 

Looks very colorful, right?