How To Make a Boutonnière

 Boutonnière Making


Green Floral Tape

Thin gauge floral wire

Assorted flowers

Optional Details

Assorted Ribbons (your style, your colors, thinner is better)

Papertowels/small pieces of sponge (depending on type of flowers picked)

Feathers and other embellishments such as jewelry, beads, or personal touches

Corsage bands (ready-made elastic bands that provide support to the corsage and allow for it to be slipped on/off easy)

***All of these details can be found at your local craft or hobby store or online. Most flower shops will sell you some of their items, but it is easier to source them on your own since you likely won’t need the items in bulk.****

Boutonnières, or buttonholes, are adorable little details that can express a ton of personality if done right. They can be priced anywhere from $10 a piece up to $30 a piece depending on the craftsmanship involved, and the quality of the blooms.  You can turn just about anything into a buttonhole, it just involves different levels of preparation. For example, hardy blooms like orchids and spray roses can be wired, but more delicate blooms like ranunculus or lavender needs to have a little bit of moisture to get it through the day. You can do this by wetting a little bit of paper towel or small piece of sponge and cushioning the stem before you wrap it in your green floral tape. This should extend the life of your bloom, but always experiment before your event.

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Let’s begin!

Cut your bloom to just under the bud casing.

The length of your wire is determined by what you are making and who you are making it for. For a boutonniere like the one we're making, I cut the wire to be about 4-5 inches. 

Flowers vary in where to put the wire through, but it is generally where the petals meet the stem. Use your judgement to find the strongest section and make sure you secure it through that spot.

Now you have a basic boutonniere! The possibilities from here are endless! I will posting another to talk about personal details and unique touches. 

Hope you enjoyed it!